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About Us

About the DLPOA


The Association was formed in 1976 by a group of lake property owners who were concerned about increasing development on the lake within what was then a very loose framework of Provincial regulations and zoning bylaws. The objective of the Association was, and still remains, to ensure that whatever development took  place on the lake and its immediate environs was not harmful to the water quality and wild life or to its quiet enjoyment by the existing property owners. To this end the Association would monitor water quality and water levels, would lobby local councils and other appropriate government bodies to stiffen existing regulations and zoning bylaws and ensure they are enforced. At the time there were seventy-eight property owners on the lake and fifty-two owners immediately agreed to join the fledgling Association. A Constitution was drawn up and the Association was incorporated under Ontario’s Corporation Act.


We now have a history of the water quality of the lake in terms of water clarity and algae content going back many years and we are now adding to that by monitoring phosphorus content by participating in a program involving many lake associations throughout the province. We also have similar history of lake levels throughout the year and are able to ensure that the company which controls the dam lives up to its commitments in this respect. The Association was active in preventing the lake being used as a floatplane terminal. In more recent years the Association played a major role in bringing some discipline into the proposed development of a graphite mine adjacent to and under the north end of the lake. In this case we were prepared to take the issue to the Ontario Municipal Board, but eventually the company involved went out of business. In its early days the Association drafted a bylaw for the regulation of trailer/camp grounds, which was adapted by local municipalities and later used as a model by municipalities in other parts of the Province.

Environmental Protection

As a result of many of these actions the Association has now built up an Environmental Protection Fund. It was subscribed to voluntarily by individual cottage owners and it allows the Association’s Executive Committee to act quickly, when necessary, to bring in paid legal support or other professional consultants. There is an Association bylaw which governs the use of the Fund.

Desert Lake is close to a growing urban centre and we recognize that there will be increasing pressure for development of various types in the coming years. Our concern will be that the development be appropriate, orderly and with minimum impact on the natural beauty and quality of the lake.


The DLPOA President is a member of The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations and through this organization we have access to many services and programs which are very useful to us as an Association and as individual cottage owners. These include a hotline for information and assistance on a variety of topics, legal and insurance assistance, taxes, lake stewardship, water quality and zebra mussel testing, and representation of cottagers’ interests during the formulation of many Provincial laws and regulations.


Each year D.L.P.O.A publishes its Newsletter about six weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting and Potluck Picnic held on the Sunday morning of the August holiday weekend (the Sunday before the first Monday in August). The Newsletter brings people up to date with current issues which may have to be addressed at the Annual Meeting, as well as any other issues which may be of interest to the members. Every two years a new Executive Committee is elected at the Annual Meeting and every member of the Association has the opportunity serve in all the positions on the committee, and we encourage members to make known their interest in doing so.
etween isuues of the newsletter, updates are provided to members via email.


Obviously many of these activities have to be funded and this is done from money generated by a $25.00 membership fee.
If you own property on Desert Lake we strongly encourage you to join D.L.P.O.A and make it your Association to help protect your interests as a property owner on Desert Lake and the quiet enjoyment of your property. You can become a member by joining us at the Annual General Meeting or by mail. Click here for a membership form.


President Rik Saaltink
Vice President Brenda Saaltink
Secretary John Bonner
Treasurer Mary Lapeer
Past President Angus Ross
Directors John Sherbino
Peter Hodson
Newsletter & WebDon Robinson 

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For more information please contact us at dlpoa@snugharbour.on.ca